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We are a transparent company with a strong vision on how we can make life better for employees, customers and local communities. You are not working with an anonymous organisation, but with people who assess your business and speak to you personally. Our goal is to make sure the business you are so passionate about will sparkle into the future.

Read about our investment philosophy or contact us today at / call us at +61 (0)863 777 460 and tell us shortly why your business would be a good investment for us.


The Experience has over a decade of experience in optimising businesses for better results. Of you are interested in selling your business, we might be interested.

We are looking for businesses that are

  • Preference for Professional services (both B2B and B2C)
  • Based in Australia and main focus on Australian clients.
  • Cashflow/EBITDA between 200k and 500k
  • Under management or able to run under management
  • Company not reliant on industry knowledge of the owner.

Our completely list can be found here.

Even if you think of selling, contact us today at or call us at +61 (0)8 6118 0698

What we are not looking for

Let’s be clear and upfront. We are not interested in the following verticals, businesses or business characteristics:

  • Hospitality, Food, cafe’s, restaurants, hotels, tattoo parlours, limousine companies, agencies, news kiosks and carpet retailers and the majority of B2C retail.
  • A cashflow of less than $100,000 AUD annually.
  • Franchises are not preferred but assessed on an individual basis.

If you are serious about selling, contact us.

Businesses that we've grown

Below some of the businesses that we have helped growing.


New divorce concept. From no clients besides referrals to over 50 per month extra.

DJ Equipment retailer

The leading retailer in DJ equipment, selling well over 100 MIO after our optimisations.

Lamps and fittings retailer
Saving up to $30.000 in the first month of optimisation with no loss in revenue. Increasing profitability tremendously.

Online TV retailing market leader
The biggest retailer in online TV sales with many years of Year on Year growth figures

From barely any order to a continuous flow of leads through their website. Right here in Perth.

Mortgage Broker

Over half a billion in loan size prospects within 6 weeks. Systemising business and optimising processes.

“I believe that by improving business culture, making happy employees customer driven and provide support by systems and processes – that businesses, people and communities flourish.”

Rick Vugts

The Experience Investment

If you are serious about selling, contact us.


We are always interested in hearing from businesses, receive tips on potential businesses or to hear from professionals who are interested to work for or with us.


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