Are you a business owner and thinking of selling your business? Would you like to see your business succeed for many more years to come? Then The Experience Investment is the right partner for you.

We are eager to hear from you about businesses that meet all of the following criteria;

  • Preference for Professional services
  • Based in Australia and main focus on Australian clients.
  • Not interested in: Travel, retail, hospitality
  • Cashflow/EBITDA between 200k and 750k
  • Under management or able to run under management
  • Company not reliant on industry knowledge of owner.
  • Key personal working at least 2 years at the company and have the intention to stay.
  • At least 5 year trading history.
  • Stable or growing revenue and profit for the last 3 years. No turnaround companies or startups and future projects are of no interest to us.
  • Headquarters in Perth.


We are not interested in business valuations for the sake of doing a valuation. We will not engage in any business that where any shareholder is not interested in selling.

We can promise complete confidentiality and a fast answer – within 1 business day – as to whether we would like to explore the opportunity further.

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